Food Pantry Update – 3/14/18

Last week, we served: 20  Clients, none were NEW, 76 Family Groceries needed next week are:       Bread       Saltine Crackers       Cereals—Cheerios and/or Frosted Flakes       Cake Mixes       Cake Frostings       4 lb. sacks White Sugar       Sacks of Egg Noodles       8 oz. cans Green Beans, Corn, Peas/carrots.  These are small cans.

Food Pantry Update – 3/7/18

Last week we served: 13 clients, 2 were NEW, 54 family members Groceries needed next week are:        Tall cans of Salmon        Peanut Butter       Jelly/Jam        Sacks of egg noodles        Boxes of Instant Potatoes—au gratin/scalloped        Cereals        Keebler, Austin, or Lance Sandwich Crackers        4 pack Snack Pack Puddings        Loaves […]

Food Pantry Update – 2/28/18

Last week we served: 26 clients, 2 were NEW, 83 family members Groceries needed next week are:        6  boxes B. Crocker Tuna Helper        6  boxes B. Crocker  Chicken Helper        10  boxes Pancake Mix        10  bottles of Syrup        8   sacks Egg noodles        10  boxed desserts (Zebra cakes, nutty Bars, Swiss […]