Food Pantry Update – 10/4/17

Last week, the Yellow Brick House served: 23 clients, 2 were NEW, 80 family members. Groceries needed next week are:    8    Hormel “Compleat” Entres    8    26 oz. cans Condensed Soups – Family Size 12    boxes Stove Top Stuffing 12    cans or cartons Chicken Broth 12   15 oz. cans Carrots   8    medium jars […]

Food Pantry Update – 9/27/17

Last week: 29 Clients, 5 were New, 96 family members Groceries needed next week:      Knorr Sides – noodles in pouches      Brown Gravy Mix in packets      Pancake Mix      Syrups      Applesauce in cups—6 pack      Tuna “helper”      Chicken “helper”      Jumex or Kern “coke can” juices      15 oz. cans […]

Food Pantry Update – 9/20/17

Last week we served: 25 clients, none were NEW, 82 family members, Groceries needed next week are:       2 lb. sacks of white Sugar       Pints of Mayonnaise       Cereals       Instant potatoes—Au Gratin, Scalloped, Mashed       County Gravy Mix (packets)       Cake Mixes       Cake Frostings       Knorr “Sides”—-Rice  (in pouches)       Bottles of […]

Food Pantry Update – 9/14/17

Last week we served:  23 Clients, 2 were NEW, 74 family members Groceries needed next week are:      Boxes of Brownie Mixes      Packets of Brown Gravy Mix      15 oz. cans Black-Eyed Peas      Boxes or pouches Cornbread Mixes      Jellies  and  Jams      Instant Potatoes      6-pack Applesauce in cups      Tall cans […]

Food Pantry Update – 9/6/17

This past week we served: 15 clients were assisted, 2 were NEW, 54 family members, Items needed this week::       Hamburger “helper”       Tuna  “helper”       Chicken “helper”       Brown Gravy Mix (packet)       Boxes of Rice       Corn Bread Mixes (pouches or boxes)       Boxes of Brownie Mix       Mayonnaise       10.5 oz. cans […]

Food Pantry Update – 8/23/17

There will be NO summary for Wed. August 30 as Ralph and I will be on Lopez Island, one of the many San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Washington. We’ll be back in P-ville for the September 6th Pantry Day. This past week, we served: 28 clients,  2 were NEW, 93 family members. Groceries needed […]

Food Pantry Update – 8/17/17

This past week we served: 24 clients, 1 was New, 68 Family Members Groceries needed for next week:        Boxes of Hamburger “helper”        Packets of Brown gravy mix        4-pack Snack Pack Puddings        2 lb. sacks of white sugar        Boxes of Cereal—Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes        Jars of Jelly or Jams […]

Food Pantry Update – 8/9/17

Last week we served: 20 Clients, 2 were New, 63 Family Members. Groceries needed next week are:       8  oz. cans of Vegetables—green beans, peas/carrots, corn, etc.       2  lb. sacks of white Sugar       Pint bottles of Mayonnaise       Spaghetti Sauce in bottles—-medium size       Boxes of Brownie Mix       Desserts (Lil Debbie’s) or […]

Food Pantry Update – 8/3/17

This past week we served: 25 Clients, 1 was NEW, 95 Family members Grocery items needed next week are:       Cereals       Spaghetti Sauce       Chicken “helper” or Skillet       Tuna “helper” or Skillet       Jumex or Kern juices in “coke” cans       8   oz. cans of Vegetables (carrots/peas, green beans, corn, Pork ‘n Beans) […]