Technology Committee

October 20, 2014


  • Ralph Kirkley
  • Carlton Lorfing
  • Martin Jakubowsky
  • Courtney Emken
  • Clint Fletcher


  • We brainstormed & discussed priorities of the tasks listed below.

Action Items:

  1. Martin – investigate post of video of sermons online
  2. Courtney – investigate integration of website announcements with Fb, Twitter, etc.

Possible Tasks:

  1. Hardware-Oriented
    1. (1) Update telephone system
    2. (2) Update thermostats – allow for online control
    3. (3) Implement access control of facilities – replace keys
    4. Create public wifi network
    5. Add security cameras
    6. Add an additional monitor in Parish Hall for band during service
    7. Move different databases to our own servers
  2. Internet-Oriented
    1. (1) Post video of sermons online
    2. (2) HaveĀ announcements posted on website also get posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    3. (3) Online access to membership data (contact info, interests, skills, etc.); requires
    4. (4) Sign-up for volunteer activities & events through the website
    5. Document procedures/policies on internet
    6. Weekly email similar to Katie’s youth email (contents are basically bulletin announcements)
    7. Be able to make donations through the website
    8. Be able to make payments or purchases through the web
    9. Reserve other facilities through website, not just gym
    10. Thematic set of customized graphics for website