Food Pantry Update 4/24/2014

Items needed this week for the food pantry: Ramen Breakfast Bars Cereals 4-pack Snack-Pak Puddings Family Size Condensed Soups Hormel “Compleat” Entres Instant Potatoes—Scalloped and Mashed Canned Chicken Canned Tuna Fish Canned Whole Kernel Corn Knorr Pasta Sides—-Noodles (packets) Thanks for your support!

Food Pantry Update 4/19/14

Food pantry needs for next week are: 2 lb. sacks of flour 2 lb. sacks of white sugar Canned diced tomatoes Canned large flat tins of Tuna Canned whole kernel Corn Canned 29 oz. Fruit Cocktail Ramen Austin, Keebler, or Lance sandwich crackers Syrup Microwaveable Soups—Soups-to-Go Cake Mixes

Food Pantry Update 4/16/14

Groceries needed for Wed. April 16: Sacks of egg noodles Family size soups (26 oz. cans) Canned chicken 24 oz. cans of Chili Vienna Sausages Knorr Pasta Sides—-Noodles Breakfast Bars — granola and with fruit 18 oz. Peanut Butter Cake Mixes Cake Icings Spaghetti Sauce Cereals

Food Pantry Update 4/6/14

Upcoming grocery needs: Family size soups Instant Potatoes—Au Gratin and Scalloped 18 oz. Peanut Butter Tuna “helper” or Skillet Chicken “helper” or Skillet Spaghetti Sauce Boxes of Rice—plain or seasoned Cereals Lg. size cans of Chili Pints of Mayonnaise Ramen   Thanks, Ralph