Constitution Amendments

The Immanuel Lutheran Church Constitution outlines our Lutheran confession of faith, the nature of the church, our statement of purpose, the powers of the congregation, church affiliation, property ownership, membership, the role of the pastor, a model for congregational meetings, officers, council and committees, discipline, and defines how bylaws, amendments, and continuing resolutions govern our […]

Food Pantry Needs 6/27/14

Served 48 people in 3 hours , 7 singles came for their “one box”, and 149 (WOW!) family members, number of clients served in June 2014 is 123. Grocery items needed for this next week: Cereals Breakfast Bars Boxed Rice Knorr Pasta Sides—-both rice and noodles Canned Pork ‘n Beans Instant Potatoes—Mashed, Au Gratin, or Scalloped […]

Food Pantry Needs 6/18/14

This past week, we served: 23 clients, 1 for financial assistance, 5 were NEW, 55 family members, Grocery items needed this next week: 2 and 4 lb sacks of Sugar Canned whole kernel Corn Canned Diced tomatoes Canned MILK Canned Tuna 29 oz. cans of Fruit Cocktail Cereals #2 Baby Food in jars or tubs […]

Food Pantry Needs 6/12/14

Served 29 clients this past week: 1 was New, 5 for the “one box”, and 95 family members (many large families today). Items needed for the coming week: Ramen Peanut Butter—18 oz. or under Jellies Granola or Granola w/fruit Breakfast Bars Cereals #2 jars or tubs of Baby Food Family size (26 oz.) Soups Small […]

Food Pantry Needs 6/4/14

This past week, 23 clients were served: 4 for financial assistance, one was NEW, 82 family members, and 2 “one-boxers”. Groceries needed next week are: Instant Mashed Potatoes #2 Baby Food in jars Baby Cereals in boxes Large flat tin of canned chicken 15 oz. cans whole kernel Corn Large cans of Chili—over 19 oz. […]