Financial Policy Updated

The ILC Council has approved changes to the financial policy. Purchasing Authority for church staff amended to include music directors; Committee reporting to council for purchases removed; Church Investment Policy was clarified. Reference to the cemetery was removed; Physical Asset inventory requirement was removed; New Building Fund Checking Account was clarified to maintain $50,000 cash […]

Food Pantry Needs 7/24/14

This past week, the following were served: 33 clients, 1 for financial assistance, 4 were NEW, 102 Family Members. Served 6 families with members numbering 8 or more. Grocery items needed for the 5th Wed in July: Family size condensed soups Cereals Au Gratin and Scalloped Instant Potatoes Canned Fruit – pineapple chunks or slices Microwaveable […]

Food Pantry Needs 7/16/14

This past week, we served 33 clients, 3 were NEW, 91 family members. Groceries needed for next Wednesday: Canned Black-eyed Peas Canned Pork ‘n Beans Large cans of Chili over 19 oz. 15 oz. Canned peaches Pancake Mixes Syrups 8 oz. cans Veggies:  Green Beans, W. Kernel Corn, Peas/carrots, etc. 18 oz. or under Peanut Butter […]

Food Pantry Needs 7/10/14

This past week we had 29 Clients, 1 for financial assistance, 3 were NEW, 99 family members Groceries needed next week: Spaghetti Sauce Instant Potatoes Breakfast Bars 18 oz. or under jars of Peanut Butter Cereals 29 oz. cans of Fruit Cocktail 2 lb. sacks of Sugar 2 lb. sacks of Flour Corn Muffin Mixes […]

Food Pantry Needs 7/3/14

This past week we served 31 clients, 5 for financial assistance, 7 were NEW, 3 denied, 115 family members. Groceries needed next week are: Ramen Breakfast Bars—granola or fruit Spaghetti Sauce Rice Instant Potatoes—AuGratin and Scalloped Condensed Soups 8 oz. (half-cans) Vegetables—-corn, peas/carrots, green beans Peanut Butter—18 oz. or under Jellies or Jams Corn Muffin […]