Food Pantry Update 1/29/15

Groceries needed next week in the food pantry are: 10 boxes Mac ‘n Cheese 10 sacks 2 pound white Sugar 8    4-pack Snack-Pack Pudding 8   15 oz. cans of Fruit 10  “coke” cans of Jumex Juices 10 boxes Cereal 6 sacks Egg noodles 8  tall cans of Spaghetti Sauce 8  16 oz. pkg. Spaghetti 5 […]

Food Pantry Update 1/22/15

This past week we served 29 clients, 2 for financial assistance, 4 were NEW, 52 Family Members (many singles with no family members). Grocery items needed next week are: 20 boxes Mac ‘n Cheese 10 cans of Jumex Juices 12  8 oz. cans of Vegetables—Corn, Green Beans, and Peas/carrots (these are half-cans) 10 pouches of Knorr […]

Constitution to Ratify at Annual Meeting

The revised constitution, bylaws, and continuing resolutions will be considered for ratification at the January 25 congregation annual meeting. The document is available through several means: request an electronic copy or hard copy from the  church office, pick up a copy from the table outside the church office; review or print out the document here: ILC […]

Food Pantry Update 1/16/15

This past week we served 33 clients – 3 took financial assistance, 2 were NEW,  74 family members. The grocery items needed for next week are: 12 cans of 8 oz. assorted Vegetables (peas/carrots, green beans, and corn) 4 boxes of Pancake Mix 4 bottles of Syrup 8 boxes of “Tuna Helper” 8 jars of […]

Food Pantry Update 1/9/15

This past week we served 33 Clients, 2 were NEW, 2 for financial assistance, 80 Family Members. Grocery items needed next week: 10 boxes needed   Sandwich Crackers—Lance, Austin, or Keebler 10   “    “       Frosted Flakes/Honey Bunches of Oats cereals 6  jars needed    18 oz. Peanut Butter 5 boxes   “       Hamburger “Helper” 5  “      “       Tuna […]