Food Pantry Update 9/24/15

This past week, the Yellow House Food Pantry served 29 clients, 2 for financial assistance, 2 were NEW, 107 family members. Our needs for groceries next week are as follows: 10  packets or boxes of Corn Muffin Mix 10  cans of Black-eyed Peas  (15 oz.) 10  cans of Pork ‘n Beans 10  boxes of plain […]

Food Pantry Update 9/17/15

This past week, we served 27 clients, 2 for financial assistance 3 were NEW, 86 family members. Groceries needed next week are:    10  cans condensed SOUP    10  boxes Pasta Roni    8   Hormel “Compleat” Entres    8  boxes Saltine Crackers    8  jars of 18 oz. Peanut Butter    8  bottles of Jelly […]

Give Online Securely

Online Giving is here! Now you can give with credit/debit card one-time or setup a reoccurring donation. The following fees are charged to the church for each online transaction: 3% of the gift + $0.30. Please consider adding a few extra dollars to your gift to cover the fees. You will receive FULL credit for your gift […]

Food Pantry Update 9/10/15

This past week, we assisted 21 clients, 1 for financial assistance, 3 were NEW, 66 family members. Groceries needed for next week are: 10  boxes Instant Potatoes—Au Gratin, Scalloped, or Mashed 10  jars Creamy Peanut Butter—18 oz. or less 10  jars Jelly or Jam 10  boxes Sandwich Crackers—Keebler, Lance, or Austin brand 10   2 pound […]

Food Pantry Update 9/3/15

This past week, the Yellow Brick House served 44 clients, 6 for financial assistance, 5 were NEW, and a total of  88 family members were provided assistance. Grocery items needed next week are: 10 cans of Jumex Juices 10  tall cans of spaghetti Sauce 10  15 oz. cans of Pork ‘n Beans 5  boxes Saltine […]