Food Pantry Update 10/28/15

Served 40 clients (15 more than last week) . only 1 was NEW, 150 family members (many large families today). Groceries needed:     10   2 lb. sacks of white Sugar     10   tall cans of Spaghetti Sauce     10   Family size condensed Soups     10  boxes Stove-Top Stuffing or equivalent     10  boxes Cereals—-Honey Bunches […]

Food Pantry Update 10/22/15

This past week, the Yellow Brick House served 25 Clients,  none were New, 79 Family Members , and 6 “singles”. Groceries needed next week are:    10   8 oz. cans Vegetables—green beans,  peas/carrots,  corn, etc.  These are ½ cans.    4   boxes Sandwich Crackers   (large boxes—45 pkg. in a box)    12  cans of Jumex […]

Brown Distinguished Lecture: Garrison Keillor

The man who made “pasty Midwest Norwegian Lutherans” famous with his hometown stories from Lake Wobegon and his folksy humor and music on the Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor,  is coming to Texas Lutheran University on October 21 in Jackson Auditorium from 7:30-9 pm. Tickets are still available! Contact TLU for more information or online at […]

Calling All Men!

On November 19th, the 3rd Annual Merry, Martha and Me event will be conducted in the Parish Hall. We will be serving as waiters for a catered meal. This is an excellent opportunity to provide stewardship for the women of Immanuel and the community of Pflugerville. For complete details, please contact Mark Sassman at 512 […]

Food Pantry Update 10/14/15

This past week, the Yellow Brick House served 27 clients , 5 New clients, 65 family members. Groceries needed next week are: 24  pkg. of Ramen  (or 1 case)—chicken and/or Beef 4   large boxes (45 per box) of Sandwich Crackers) 12  8 oz. cans of Veggies (green beans, corn, peas/carrots)           These are half cans!! […]

Food Pantry Update 10/8/15

The Little Yellow House served 18 clients today, none for finances, none were NEW. Groceries needed for next week are: 10   large cans of Chili (over 19 oz.) 10   2 lb. sacks of flour 10   cans condensed soups 5    boxes Pancake Mix 5    small bottles of Syrup 10   15 oz. cans of fruit cocktail 10   […]

Food Pantry Update 10/1/15

This past week, the Yellow House served 36 clients, none for financial assistance, 1 was NEW, 120 family members. Items needed next week are: 10  bottles or cans of Spaghetti Sauce 10  cans of Tomato Paste 10  small cans of Tuna Fish 10   11oz. cans of Condensed Soups 5   boxes Tuna Helper 5   boxes Chicken […]