Food Pantry Update – 3/27/19

Last week, we served: 27 clients, 4 “first timers”, 88 family members, 1 denied. Groceries needed:     Pancake/waffle mix     Syrup     12 oz. cans Tuna Fish     12 oz. cans Chicken     29 oz. cans Fruit—peaches/Fruit Cocktail     Cereals     Chicken “Helper/Skillet”     Tuna Fish “Helper/Skillet”     Austin or Lance or Keebler Sandwich Crackers […]

Food Pantry Update – 3/20/19

Last week we served: 38 clients   115 family members. Grocery items needed:     Tall cans of Salmon     Large cans of Chili—over 19 oz.     12 oz.  cans of Tuna Fish     Jumex or Welch’s fruit juices     Pancake Mix     Syrup     Au Gratin/Scalloped Instant Potatoes     Ramen—in packages, not cups     Desserts—cookies, Nutty Bars, Swiss […]

Food Pantry Update – 3/13/19

This past week we served: 22 clients, 1 “first timer”, 59 family members. Groceries needed:      Canned tomatoes      Brownie Mix      Cereals      Family size soups—26 oz.      Sugar      Bread      Pancake mix      Syrup      Ramen in pkg. — not cups      Hamburger “Helper or Skillet”

Food Pantry Update – 3/6/19

Last week, we served: 22 clients, 1 “first timer”, 74 family members. Groceries needed:        Instant mashed potatoes        12 or 16 oz. box Spaghetti (dry pasta)        Cereals        Juices in “coke cans” or small bottles (example:  Jumex or Welch’s)       14 oz. canned Diced Tomatoes       Baby Food in jars/tubs–vegetables       Family size-26 […]