Food Pantry Update – 12/18/19

We served 24 clients, 2 were “first timers”, 64 family members. Groceries needed:       Peanut Butter       Jelly/jams       Canned diced tomatoes       Fruit in cups  (4 pack)       29 oz. cans (family size) Fruit—peaches, Fruit Cocktail, Pears       Instant Potatoes—scalloped, Au Gratin, Mashed       Sacks of egg noodles       Chicken/Tuna Helper or Skillet

Food Pantry Update – 12/12/19

We served 17 clients today. ”, 62 Family Members. Groceries needed:      Pancake Mix      Pickles/Olives      Canned diced tomatoes      Mayonnaise      4 pack Fruit in cups      Variety Pack Cereal —8 sm. Boxes in pkg.      Canned Chili—19 oz. and larger      Canned Family Size Tamales      29 oz. Canned Fruit Cocktail/peaches/pears—family size

Food Pantry Update – 12/5/19

 Served 18 clients, 4 were “first timers”, 68 family members. Groceries needed:      Jumex  juices in “coke cans” and/or Welch’s 6 pack bottled Juices      Spaghetti (dry) 12 oz. or 16 oz. pkg.      Spaghetti Sauce      Canned Pinto Beans      Canned Diced or petite diced Tomatoes      P-nutty Bars (dessert)      Bread      2 lb […]