Food Pantry Update – 1/15/20

Groceries needed this week:         Mayonnaise         White sugar—2 lb. and 4 lb.         Cereals—Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, Raisin Bran         Chicken Helper/Skillet         Instant Mashed Potatoes         Hormel Compleat Entre         Boxed Macaroni ‘n Cheese         Canned Diced Tomatoes         Canned Carrots         Bread

Food Pantry Update – 1/9/20

Groceries needed next week are:       Pancake Mixes       Syrups       2 lb. granulated Sugar       Salad Dressings  (ex:  Ranch, Italian, etc.)       Hamburger Helper       Chicken Helper       Tuna Helper       Instant Scalloped Potatoes       Canned Pinto Beans       Canned Carrots       Cake Mixes       Cereals—-Raisin Bran, Cheerios, Granola, Frosted Flakes, etc.

Food Pantry Update – 12/18/19

We served 24 clients, 2 were “first timers”, 64 family members. Groceries needed:       Peanut Butter       Jelly/jams       Canned diced tomatoes       Fruit in cups  (4 pack)       29 oz. cans (family size) Fruit—peaches, Fruit Cocktail, Pears       Instant Potatoes—scalloped, Au Gratin, Mashed       Sacks of egg noodles       Chicken/Tuna Helper or Skillet

Food Pantry Update – 12/12/19

We served 17 clients today. ”, 62 Family Members. Groceries needed:      Pancake Mix      Pickles/Olives      Canned diced tomatoes      Mayonnaise      4 pack Fruit in cups      Variety Pack Cereal —8 sm. Boxes in pkg.      Canned Chili—19 oz. and larger      Canned Family Size Tamales      29 oz. Canned Fruit Cocktail/peaches/pears—family size

Food Pantry Update – 12/5/19

 Served 18 clients, 4 were “first timers”, 68 family members. Groceries needed:      Jumex  juices in “coke cans” and/or Welch’s 6 pack bottled Juices      Spaghetti (dry) 12 oz. or 16 oz. pkg.      Spaghetti Sauce      Canned Pinto Beans      Canned Diced or petite diced Tomatoes      P-nutty Bars (dessert)      Bread      2 lb […]

Food Pantry Update – 11/21/19

Grocery items needed:     Canned diced tomatoes     Tuna “Helper” or Skillet     Hamburger “Helper” or Skillet     Little Debbie “fancy” cakes—boxed white, Choc. Chip, Zebra, etc.     Pancake Mix     26 oz. cans Condensed Soups (family size)     Austin, Keebler, or Lance Sandwich Crackers     Spaghetti Sauce     12 oz cans Tuna Fish     Pickles/Olives

Food Pantry Update – 11/14/19

Last week we served: 19 clients, 75 family members. Groceries needed:      Brown & Serve Rolls      Instant Au Gratin potatoes      Peanut Butter      Pinto Beans in cans      Syrups      Small condensed cans of Soups      Chicken “helper” or Skillet      Sugar—white granulated      Cookies/Little Debbie boxed cakes      Hormel Compleat Entrée

Food Pantry Update – 11/7/19

Today we served 22 clients, 1 was a “first timer”, 61 family members. Grocery items needed:      Pancake Mix      Syrup      Jelly/Jams      Tuna Helper      Cookies and Little Debbie boxed cakes      Canned Diced Tomatoes      Boxed Macaroni & Cheese      Turkey or Chicken Gravy in Jars or cartons      Bottles of pickles—medium […]

Food Pantry Update – 10/30/19

Groceries needed are:       Mayonnaise       4 lb. sacks of Sugar       Cereals—Honey Bunches of Oats, Frosted Flakes, Granola       Peanut Butter       Cornbread Muffin Mix       26 oz cans of Soup (family size)       Pinto Beans in cans       Tuna Helper/Skillet       Instant Potatoes—Au Gratin, Scalloped and/or Mashed       Turkey/chicken gravy in jar […]

Food Pantry Update – 10/24/19

Last week we served: 33 clients, 4 were “first timers”, 101 Family Members. Our grocery needs:       Hamburger Helper or Skillet       Tuna Helper or Skillet       Chicken Helper or Skillet       Pancake Mix       Instant Mashed Potatoes       Austin, Lance, or Keebler Sandwich Crackers       15 oz. cans of Fruit—fruit cocktail, peaches, pears, etc.    […]