Facilities Rental

Immanuel Lutheran Church has a full featured gym available to the non-profit youth leagues & other non-profit organizations in our community.
To book the gym or any other space, contact the church office:

Call:  512-251-4494
EmailJackie Porter

Unavailable Days/Times for Gym

The gym is not available for booking during the following days\times:

  • Sunday
  • Weekdays before 6:00 pm
  • Monday after 8:00 pm

Facilities Usage Policy

The Church facilities were constructed to provide a Christian worship, study center, fellowship, work and recreational Center for the Lutheran community in Pflugerville and for the local community. Use of the facilities is welcome to any group, organization, or individual whose aims are compatible with furthering God’s work in our community.


The Church Council defines the policies and fees for the worship, study, and recreational facilities of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Pflugerville. The Facilities Manager is responsible for recommending to the Church Council policy and fees for the use of facilities, publicizing the use policy, maintaining a current definition of facility usage policy and recommending changes to the usage policy as changing circumstances may result in the need for changes. The Church Council, Day School staff and Church organizations are responsible for ensuring that the Church facilities are used in accordance with the defined facility usage policy and for providing supplies and equipment.


  1. Active Church Member– An active Church member is someone who has attended worship at least three times in the last twelve months and has a record of contribution to the Church during that time.
  2. Immediate family – The immediate family include a spouse and children.

Facility Use Priorities

Priority for scheduling use of the facility is as follows:

  1. Immanuel Lutheran Church functions
  2. Immanuel Lutheran Church Day School
  3. Youth and Youth related activities of the Church other than Church sponsored functions.
  4. Active Church members and their immediate families general usage.
  5. Non Profit Community Organizations


The rules and code of conduct for Church facility use are provided in appendix A to Immanuel Lutheran Church Facility Usage Policy. It is expected that users of the Church facilities will abide by all rules established by this facility usage policy.

Appendix A | Church Facility Usage Policy | General Policy for All Users

  1. The conduct of all individuals using the facility must meet Christian standards, including, no intoxication, no drinking of alcoholic beverages, no drug possession or use, no fighting, no profanity and no misuse of the facility or equipment. Any violation of this condition is just cause for immediate termination of a group or individual privilege for use of the facility, and equipment. As good stewards it is assumed that members will abide by these guidelines.
  2. Smoking is not permitted within the Church facilities.
  3. All use of the Church facilities except for regularly scheduled Day School, Sunday school, and Worship Services will be scheduled through the church office.
  4. All equipment is to remain on Church premise unless authorized by the Facilities Manager or church office.
  5. All lights, air-conditioning must be turned off and the building secured before leaving the premises.
  6. No food or drink will be allowed on the gymnasium floor.
  7. The person in charge of renting the facility must make arrangements with the facilities manager or designee concerning the usage of utilities and the unlocking of the building/s.
  8. All utensils, dishes, cups, coffee makers must be washed and dried and returned to their original places. Please do not use paper and plastic goods, which have been purchased for church activities.
  9. The people using the facility must return all furniture and equipment brought in to a room to the original place.
  10. Report all broken and damaged items.

General Policy for Individuals, Organizations, and Groups Not Sponsored by the Church

  1. Each individual, organization or group that is not sponsored by the Church must have a sponsor that is either an active member of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Pflugerville or a sponsor approved by the Church council. The sponsor must sign a contract for the facility and use of any equipment.
  2. Users must provide for payment no less than one week in advance for use of the facility if a fee is applicable.
  3. The sponsor is responsible for reimbursing the Church for any damage to the facility or equipment.
  4. The facility and equipment must be restored to their original location before leaving the facility.
  5. Access to rest room facilities from the gymnasium will be limited to the first floor of the Education building.