COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Steps Immanuel Lutheran Church is taking in preparedness to slow the spread of coronavirus/Covid-19 during worship services. 

We want to preserve the Lutheran tradition of worship, while protecting our community.  We are fortunate to be in the center of the country, with plenty of time to plan and prepare. We are able to alter a few rituals to better protect our friends and family.

Already in place:

  • temporary removal of common cup during communion
  • hand sanitizer station in parish hall as people come up for communion
  • during pastoral welcome, address concerns about the spread of viruses with concern for the most immune-fragile attendees

Starting 3/15/20

Changes to decrease touching in worship in 3 holy rituals: communion, offering, passing the peace.

  • hand sanitizer station during communion in all worships
  • change to individual cups for communion in parish hall
  • prevent touching during sharing of the peace; no touching/handshakes as people leave church from worship leaders
  • offering baskets will be stationed for use to “drop in” offering.  During communion on Sundays; at the door for Lenten worship.  Encourage use of online giving.

If/when large group gatherings become discouraged by city/regional/national government, preventing normal Sunday activities:

  • leaders-ONLY worship at 10:30 in the sanctuary; to be broadcast on FB and/or uploaded to website.
  • no Sunday school (adult leaders may choose online meetings, like Zoom)  May publish a home activity for families in lieu of kids classes.
  • no ushers, elders.  Yes: organist/keyboard, reader, worship assistant, children’s message, console operator, pastor, a few singers, altar guild setup for <25.
  • instructions for how to have communion at home during broadcast.
  • more details will follow in the event of this scenario.