Food Pantry Update – 2/27/20

Food Pantry Update – 2/27/20

This past week, served 14 clients, 1 was a “first timer”, 45 family members.

Items needed at the Food Pantry:

  •          Desserts—cookies, Lil Deb Fancy cakes, Swiss Rolls, Cupcakes
  •          Mayonnaise in pints
  •          20 oz. canned Pineapple—slices, chunks, or crushed
  •          Hamburger “Helper” or skillet
  •          Large bottles of Fruit Juices—orange- pineapple, White grape, apple, etc.
  •          Vegetable or Canola Oil
  •          Olives—-Green with pimientos or Black
  •          Canned Pinto Beans

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