Food Pantry Update 8/27/14

Food Pantry Update 8/27/14

This past week, we served 45 clients – two received financial assistance, seven were NEW, and a total of 171 family members.

Grocery items needed next week are:

  1. Ramen
  2. Au Gratin Instant Potatoes
  3. Scalloped     “             “
  4. Lg. boxes of Mashed    “
  5. Seasoned Rice in boxes
  6. Condensed Soups
  7. 29 oz. cans of Fruit Cocktail
  8. Large flat tins of Tuna Fish
  9. Pancake Mix
  10. Syrups
  11. Hormel “Compleat” entres
  12. Sandwich crackers—similar to Lance, Keebler, or Austin
  13. Knorr Sides–both Rice and Noodles
  14. Large (over 19 oz.) canned Chili

Thank you for your support!

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