Food Pantry Update – 2/20/19

Last week, we served: 22 clients,  83 family members. Grocery items needed:     Peanut butter     Jelly and/or Jams     Hamburger “Helper/Skillet”     Ramen in packages, not cups     Boxes of Macaroni ‘n Cheese     Cereals     Baby Food-Vegetables only in jars or “tubs”     White granulated Sugar—2 lb or 4 lb. bag     29 […]

Food Pantry Update – 2/13/19

Last week we served: 28 clients, 3 “first timers”, 94 family members, 1 denied. Groceries needed:        Canned Diced Tomatoes        Pancake Mix        Hamburger “helper”        Cereals        29 oz. cans Fruit        White Sugar – 4 lb. or 2 lb.        Hormel Compleats  (1 person meat meal)        Pkgs. Of cookies        Bread        […]

Food Pantry Update – 2/6/19

Last week, the Food Pantry served 18 clients, 57 Family Members. Items needed this week:      Hamburger “Helper”      Chicken “Helper”      Tuna “Helper”      Bread      Austin, Keebler, or Lance Sandwich Crackers      Family size soups  (26 oz. cans)      Peanut butter      12 oz. cans Tuna Fish      Saltine Crackers      Diced Tomatoes […]

Food Pantry Update – 1/31/19

Last week: 19 clients were served.  One was a “first timer”, 56 Family Members”. An appreciative long time Pantry client brought us a large pan of “Flan” which was shared. Delicious. She immigrated as a 3 year old child from Cuba and her first residence was in California. Food items needed:       Canned diced tomatoes […]

Food Pantry Update – 1/23/19

Last week, we served: 13 clients served, one “first timer”, 44 family members. Groceries needed:      Boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese      15 oz. cans Diced Tomatoes      Cereals—-Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Captain Crunch      24 oz. Spaghetti Sauce      Chicken “helper” or Skillet      Tuna “helper” or Skillet      Cake Mixes      Cake Frostings      Cookies […]

Food Pantry Update – 1/16/19

Served 33 clients & 94 family members last week. Groceries needed are:     Pancake Mix     Canned Pineapple, 20 oz. cans     Austin, Keebler, or Lance Sandwich Crackers     Cereals     15 oz. cans Diced Tomatoes     Box of Tuna “helper”     Box of Chicken “helper”     15 oz can Pork ‘N Beans     29 […]

Food Pantry Update – 1/9/19

This past week, we served: 29 clients, 1 new, 79 family members. Grocery items needed:      Family size (26 oz.) cans of Soup      Knorr Sides – Rice      Brownie Mix      Desserts—–cup cakes      Cereals      Snack Pack Puddings      Jumex Juices      Welch’s 6 pack juices      29 oz. cans Fruit      Tuna […]

Food Pantry Update – 1/3/19

Last week we served 13.  None were “first timers”, 41 family members. Items needed:     Boxes of Chicken Helper or Skillet     Spaghetti Sauce     Cereals     Tall cans of Salmon     Austin, Keebler, or Lance Sandwich Crackers     Hormel “compleat” entrée     15 oz. cans Ravioli     Bread     2 lb. and 4 lb. Sugar […]

Food Pantry Update – 12/19/18

This past week, we served: 38 clients receiving food, 2 were “first timers”, 145 family members. Items needed:      Betty Crocker “chicken helper”      15 oz. can Diced tomatoes      Knorr Sides—–rice (in a pouch)      Med size bottle Tartar Sauce      Spaghetti Sauce      Cereals      Sugar—white, 2 lbs.      Boxes Instant Mashed Potatoes       Desserts:  cookies, […]

Food Pantry Update – 12/12/18

Last week, we served: 26 clients, 87 family members. Items needed:      Boxes of Macaroni  ‘N Cheese      Chicken “helper”      12 oz. Canned chicken      2 pound white sugar      Spaghetti Sauce      Canned Salmon      Saltine Crackers      29 oz. cans Fruit (Fruit Cocktail and/or Peaches)     Canned diced Tomatoes     Instant Mashed Potatoes […]