ILC Staff Appreciation Nov 6

ILC Staff Appreciation Nov 6

Mark your calendars for the ILC Staff Appreciation Sunday on November 6.
What would we do without these wonderful people?!
Pastor Matthew, Jackie, Melissa, David, Jessica, Frieda, Eric, Willard, Joy, Vernagene, Jeff, Sherry, and Zane.
Much of what they do is behind the scenes but so vital.
They help keep ILC shining God’s light and giving Him glory.
Thank you!
On this Sunday, we will celebrate our staff at the 10:30 am worship service.

If you want to give a gift or card that day, we will have a spot in the Gather Room.
If you are interested in participating in our church-wide gift to these amazing staffers,
please contact Melissa Malinowski, at 512-971-5598 or through email by Nov 2.
Venmo is also available for your convenience.

Thank you beyond words ILC Staff!!!

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