Lenten Devotional – Lent 12- February 23, 2016

Lenten Devotional – Lent 12- February 23, 2016

Lent 12- Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Colossians 1: 25-26

25I became its servant according to God’s commission that was given to me for you, to make the word of God fully known, 26the mystery that has been hidden throughout the ages and generations but has now been revealed to his saints.


Main Points:

  • The source of Paul’s calling is God’s The word for “commission” is oikonomia, which envisions the effective and orderly work of a household or business; He is a servant of and for Christ’s church, without personal ambition or any malicious sense of rivalry toward other apostles or even his opponents. Second, Paul understands the tasks of his servanthood as those of a steward or trustee of an organization.
  • Mystery= God’s plan for salvation which is unknown











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