Lenten Service Offerings to Support Tiemann Endowment Fund

Lenten Service Offerings to Support Tiemann Endowment Fund

Wednesday Midweek Lenten Service Offerings will benefit an endowment fund for church leadership development in the Southwestern Texas Synod.  The following is an excerpt from a letter received from an old friend of ILC, Pastor Lucinda Zesch:

“Bishop Ray Tiemann has served our community of faith for the past 18 years as Bishop and a total of 39 years of ordained ministry in this synod.  In that time, he has faithfully served our community as he equipped lay leaders, Pastors, and Deacons in building and strengthening our congregations and ministries.  Please join in honoring his years of service to our faith community with a gift that will leave a legacy!  To honor his retirement, the Tiemann Endowment Fund for Leadership Development has been established to support the development of lay leaders, Pastors, and Deacons serving under call.  Managed by Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest as a permanent endowment, this fund will create a new generation of supported and trained leaders…”

Pastor Lucinda’s entire letter is posted by the church office.  If you have questions about the fund, contact Deacon John Dellis, Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest, jdellis@lfsw.org or (813)305-2758.

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