Long-Range Plan for 2020-2050

Long-Range Plan for 2020-2050

Where do we want our church to be in the year 2050?
How do we propose getting there?
These are among the questions Immanuel’s Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and Church Council have been considering and discussing for the past eighteen months. Now, having gathered information from across the Congregation, it’s time to provide feedback to everyone and to adopt a plan that will addresses the next thirty years of our future.

In January, the LRPC will conduct two “town-hall” meetings (Jan 13th, during the Sunday School hour; and Jan 20th, immediately following the late service) to introduce and discuss the plan with interested members of our congregation and respond to any questions or concerns they may have. Then, on January 27th during our Annual General Meeting, a vote to support the proposed plan will be taken. Specifically, members will be asked three things, to:

  1. Reaffirm our already approved Mission Statement
  2. Adopt the proposed “Vision Statement”
  3. Accept & Support eight “Strategic Objectives” which will be used to guide and measure progress in planning the future of all our programs and facilities.

We know this is a lot to consider, yet it is important. In fact, it is likely to be an essential step in the process we must follow to call a new pastor. Please take time to study and digest what is being proposed and then to prayerfully consider your vote.

Note:  Additional copies of the plan summary are available from the church office.  Additional “Town Hall” sessions will be available to special groups of members, if requested. If interested, please contact Bob Tanner, Church Council representative for Long-Range Planning, at 512-990-9645 or the church office.

Strategic Long-Range Plan – Jan 2019.docx

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