How to Broadcast Worship Services in Zoom to YouTube

These instructions are for the Director of the live broadcast used for worship services.

Basic Setup

  1. You will need to get the password for the ILC Zoom account from Pastor Candice, Clint Fletcher, or Martin Jakubowsy.
  2. Some personal settings from within the app you should make in your account:
    1. Video
      1. Select Always display participant names on their video
      2. Select Hide non-video participants
    2. Chat
      1. Select Mute notifications while I am in a meeting or on a call
    3. Recording
      1. Select Add a timestamp to the recording
      2. Select Record video during screen sharing
      3. Select Place video next to the shared screen in the recording
    4. Accessibility
      1. Select Always Show Meeting Controls

Schedule the Broadcast in Zoom

  1. Log into the ILC Zoom account:
  2. Prior to the day of worship, ensure there is a Zoom meeting for worship with the following settings:
  3. In the Advance Settings, ensure that all check-boxes are deselected.
  4. Once the meeting is created, Copy Invitation and email it to all the participants. You can typically reply to an email from Pastor Candice to all the participants with the service details.

Prep the Slide Deck

When you have the final copy of the slide deck ensure the following:

  1. Click on Slide Show and then Set Up Slide Show.
  2. In the Set Up Show dialog, ensure that;
    1. Browsed by an individual (window) is selected in the Show type section. This will enable you to see the slide show & the Zoom meeting at the same time.
    2. Manually is selected in the Advance slides section.
  3. For any media, videos or audio recordings, you will want to make sure they are set to advance with a click and for videos they are shown full-screen.

Start the Meeting

The Director needs to start the meeting to ensure they have the options to stream & record. Start the meeting a few minutes early so that it is available when each person is ready to connect.

This would also be a good time to close down all other applications on your computer and close unnecessary windows. Doing so will make it easier for you to share the slide deck.

Begin the Broadcast

Once ready to begin service, do the following:

  1. Tell all participants that,” you will mute yourself, start the stream, and will put ACTION in the chat window when streaming is live.”
  2. Mute yourself.
  3. Begin the slides in Powerpoint by clicking on Slide Show and then Start from Beginning.
  4. Share your screen by clicking on Share Screen.
  5. In the Select a window… dialog, make sure to choose just the Powerpoint window, not the entire desktop.
    1. Check the Share computer sound checkbox. This will ensure the sound plays from your computer for video and not through your microphone.
    2. Check the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip checkbox.
  6. You are now ready to start streaming to YouTube. In the Zoom controls, click on More “…” and then on Live on YouTube.
  7. An internet browser window should open up allowing you to choose the account you want the stream to go to.
  8. Select the ILC account, you should then get another dialog to Go Live.
  9. Ensure ILC is in the header, the title is correct & Privacy is Public & then click the Go Live! button.
  10. You should see “Preparing…”,  “Setting…”, and then “Done…” once it is live on YouTube. You can now minimize this window as it won’t be needed the rest of the service.
  11. Back at the Zoom controls, click More “…” and then Record to the Cloud or Record on this Computer depending on where you want the recording to be stored.
  12. Type ACTION in the chat window.

Ending the Broadcast & Meeting

When service has ended, do the following:

  1. Click on More “…” and then Stop Live Stream.
  2. Click on More “…” and then Stop Recording.
  3. Un-mute yourself & tell all participants that the live stream & recording have ended. This gives the participants an opportunity to debrief and discuss.
  4. When you are ready to end the meeting, click on End Meeting. Zoom will finish processing the recording & email you when it is done.
  5. Edit the YouTube video so it is easy to find:
    1. In YouTube, go to the video & click on Edit Video.
    2. Change the Title to: YYYY-MM-DD Sunday Worship (e.g. 2021-01-03 Sunday Worship).
    3. Update the Description field. If there is something unusual or interesting, you can add here. An example would be the Youth Christmas Program.
    4. Add to the Playlists for the current year (e.g. Worship Services 2021). This will make it visible on the website Worship Services page.
    5. Click on Show More to edit advanced settings for the video.
    6. Add Tags: christian, lutheran, and the Pastor that led service.
    7. Set Video Language to English.
    8. Set the Recording date to the day the service was held.
    9. Set Video location to Pflugerville.
    10. Set Category to Nonprofits & Activism.
    11. Click on the Save button to apply all changes.

Considerations for a Better Broadcast

Here are some helpful hints for a better broadcast.

  1. When the slides aren’t useful, Stop Sharing the slides. This will place the speaker in full-screen. Typical, places when this is used are:
    1. Announcements & when Pastor is welcoming everyone to service
    2. Lighting of the candle at the beginning of service
    3. Children’s Message
    4. The Sermon
    5. The Lord’s Prayer
    6. Communion
    7. Closing
    8. and anywhere children are involved 🙂
  2. When you re-Share the slide deck, ensure you choose the window with just the slide deck & make sure the Share computer sound checkbox is checked (it should be by default but just in case.)
  3. When you have many people speaking together or close together, you can switch to Gallery View. This shows all faces at once in grid-like fashion, think the Brady Bunch.  When that section of the service is over, you can easily switch back to Speaker View, which shows only the person speaking.


  1. If you don’t get the More button or the option to go Live on YouTube, check the following:
    1. Ensure that you, the Director, was the person to start the meeting.
    2. Ensure the following account setting is enabled – this is only visible throught the browser interface:
      • In Meeting (Advanced) section: Ensure YouTube is checked under Allow live streaming meetings
  2. Spotlight? Not Pin?
  3. Recording is different when you don’t live stream to YouTube. When streaming to YouTube, you will have picture-in-picture when sharing the slide deck. So, the slide deck will take most the screen & a small square in the upper right corner will show the speaker. When recording without streaming, the recording will be what you see. So, if you have all the participants visible in a panel format, then the recording will show the slide deck with a panel of all the participants.