Task List for Parish Hall A/V Upgrade

Tasks to Prepare Parish Hall

  1. DONE: Check for paper manuals – Omega replied no paper manual, all manuals online
  2. DONE: Check registration for installed equipment – Omega confirmed we did not need to register equipment
  3. DONE: Purchase computer for presentation.
  4. Put computer in rack mount.
  5. DONE: Purchase monitor for presentation computer – ordered
  6. DONE: Connect computer output to Soundboard input
  7. Determine if we need Bluetooth connection to Soundboard, if so, how
  8. Move mic stations to be accessible to band & worship leaders
  9. DONE: Small monitor for the camera guy connect vie HDMI – need to connect & mount
  10. DONE: iPad for system configuration – iPad has been loaded with software, documented in How-To
  11. Connect power for AVMatrix, stream box & monitor to rack mount so only camera is not not powered by rack mount
  12. Put stream box in the rack mount or in a stand under monitor
  13. DONE: Remove boxes
  14. Sell old equipment & store cables
  15. DONE: Order cable to connect computer to presentation screen behind altar
  16. DONE: Document computer setup for presenting using PowerPoint
  17. DONE: Document guidance on using video selection box.
  18. DONE: Clint/Aaron: Investigate volume/sharpness of video on YouTube – follow-up with Omega if needed
  19. Document how-to setup Chapel for service – put doc in Chapel.

Gauging Readiness for In-Person Worship with Live Stream

  1. DONE 3/7/21 – Dress rehearsal of Zoom service in Parish Hall – with stream, wireless mics, music, & present service including pre-recorded video.
  2. DONE: Record complete worship service on a Sat & publish on YouTube Sun.
  3. DONE: Live stream worship service w/out (or w/very few) parishioners.
  4. DONE: Live stream worship service w/parishioners.