Proposed Updates to the Constitution

Proposed Updates to the Constitution

Changes to the ELCA model Constitution were made at the Church-wide Assembly in August. The primary changes relate to the merging of lay rosters for various Diaconal Ministers and Associates in Ministry into a single roster titled Ministers of Word and Service. Ordained pastors are designated as Ministers of Word and Sacrament.

The ILC Council has reviewed these and other minor changes and recommends the amendments for approval at the January 29 annual meeting.

A town hall meeting will be held Sunday, January 22, to explain the changes and answer questions.
No other local amendments will be considered.

The changes to the model constitution may be viewed at

The ILC Constitution with the proposed changed is attached here for your review and a printed copy may be requested from the church office.

ILC Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions 13-Dec-2016.pdf

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