Church Council

The Church Council is composed of 12 dedicated church members who seek to involve all members in worship, learning, witness, service, and support.
For more information about the committees on which these council members serve, please visit our committees page.

The Church Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Name / Email Phone Office /
Yr 1st
Stacy Mueller 512-924-8895 Youth November 2020 NO IMAGE
Brent Reeder 512-663-1153 President; Day School December 2020 NO IMAGE
Devorah Jakubowsky 512-496-2052 Vice-President;
Stewardship; Human Resources
January 2020 Devorah Jakubowsky
Clint Fletcher 512-925-0104 Technology February 2019 Clint Fletcher
David Hufstedler 512-627-9053 Treasurer; Human Resources March 2020 NO IMAGE
Amy Singer 512-971-4334 Secretary;
Property & Cemetery
April 2018
Erik Hendrickson 512-663-3002 Security/Safety May 2019 NO IMAGE
James Kuempel 512-413-9121 Evangelism June 2019 James Kuempel
Jackie Porter 512-468-5108 Worship & Music July 2020 NO IMAGE
Ron Diemicke 717-698-0555 Long-Range Planning August 2019
Barbara Bohls 512-983-8977 Parish Education September 2019
Bob Lovett 512-825-1769 Fellowship October 2020