Our History

The Historical Committee developed this slideshow with photos & videos from the beginning in 1874 to 2016.

Pastor J.M. Kugel, a circuit rider, conducts worship services in the community.

Pastor J.B. Lieb, member of Texas Synod, serves once a year.

Pastor F. Ernst serves 40 souls near Windscott Creek on the Henry Lisso farm in a small frame building used as a church.

The first Immanuel Lutheran Congregation forms;
Constitution is adopted on April 10;
Congregational listing: 27 heads of households.

Due to disagreements, the congregation disbands;
About one-half of this group later starts the Evangelical Church at Dessau;
Remainder form Immanuel Congregation and the Church at Richland.

In April, Texas Synod sends Pastor F. Jesse, and on May 31, a Constitution is proposed and adopted by 11 members.

Pastor William Pfennig installed;
First church building is dedicated on June 20; it is erected on 5 acres of land donated by William Bohls;
Immanuel joins the Texas Synod;
Congregation has a Parochial School taught by the pastor;
The village of Pflugerville was then located at the present intersection of Immanuel Road (Dessau Road) and Pflugerville East Road.

Pastor M. Oehler installed.

Pastor Oehler dies October 24 and is buried in the church cemetery.

Pastor Theo Uhdau installed.

Pastor H. Daude installed.

Pastor H. Lettermann installed;
Texas Synod meets here;
Ladies Aid organized February 12 for the purpose of caring for the cemetery;
A parochial school is established;
New pews added;
The past decade had been a difficult one for the congregation.

William Pfluger donates four additional acres for church purposes.

Ladies Aid dissolved.

Pastor A. Hartmann installed;
Two additional rooms were added to the parsonage.

Pastor William Pfennig is supply pastor.

Pastor William Flachmeier installed.


First choir organized with 40 members.

The village of Pflugerville moves to be near the new railroad.

Pastor G. Stricker installed.

It is resolved to build a new church;
Pastor Stricker begins to also serve Dessau Lutheran Church, as do all of Immanuel’s Pastors who succeed him.

Red brick church dedicated January 23, cost: $10,300.

First telephone installed.

Sewing Circle organized.

Luther League organized Sept. 14 with 34 members;
Texas Synodical Convention here for second time, April 9-14.

Pastor G. Stricker dies and is buried in church cemetery;
Pastor Henry Schliesser installed;
New parsonage built, cost:$3000

Tabea Verein (Ladies Aid) organized February 18.

Luther League Auditorium built (the first Lutheran Parish hall in Texas);
Host to Texas District Luther League Convention;
Two acres of land bought from Emil H. Bohls for enlargement of cemetery;
Pastor Schliesser first resident Pastor to have an automobile.

A change is made in the dues class system for financial giving from 2 to 3 classes:  $6, $12, and $18 a year.

Host to Texas District Luther League Convention.

16 Sunday School teachers organize and join the Texas Sunday School Teachers Association;
Finance classes raised to $10, $20, and $30 per year.

Pastor M.J. Schwarz installed;
Congregation hosts State Sunday School Teachers Convention;
Due to change in pastors, the 50th Anniversary is celebrated on November 2.

Red brick church is destroyed by fire March 16;
Services are held in Luther League Auditorium.

A $43,000 brick church with pipe organ is dedicated on March 3, more than 1000 people attend dedication.

Affiliated with American Lutheran Church.

Pastor E. G. Knaack installed.

Host to Texas District of American Lutheran Church.

Women’s Missionary Society organized May 27.

During this decade the transition from German to the English language is made;
The American Lutheran Hymnal is first used;
The women of the congregation become voting members.

Brotherhood organizes February 10.

The old school building is sold at an auction for $90.

70th Anniversary observed;
Cemetery stone fence is erected.

Change from Common Chalice to individual Communion cups.

Driveway paved.

629-foot well dug and equipped with electric pump;
Finance classes raised to $12.50, $25, and $37.50 per year.

Pastor W. A. Mueller installed and leaves a few months later.
Back of church basement excavated for kitchen facilities;
75th anniversary celebrated May 29 with three worship services;
Pastor Kurt Hartmann installed;
Church bulletins introduced.

Water piped to cemetery.

The Duplex envelope system replaces the class system of giving;
Junior Mission Band organizes in September (later changed to “Junior Lutherans”).

Installation of church’s kerosene heating system.

Constitution revised and congregation incorporates;
80th Anniversary Celebration on May 23 and May 30.

Memorial contributions for Education/Building Fund begun;
Water storage tank installed;
“Service Book and Hymnal” introduced;
Pastor Wilson Hill installed;
“Church Chat” newsletter started;
Pairs and Spares organized.

Retired debt of present church;
Public address system installed;
Vernagene Mott hired as Assistant Organist.

85th Anniversary Thankoffering for renovating the church was $3,699.

Texas District becomes the Southern District of The American Lutheran Church;
Tabea Verein (Ladies Aid) and the Women’s Missionary Society dissolve to become part of the new ALCW (American Lutheran
Church Women).

Constitution revised and adopted.

The Pflugerville High School team receives recognition for having won 55 consecutive games.

$100,000 building program started;
Groundbreaking services for parsonage and education building on November 24;
Pastor Wilson Hill leaves to go to San Antonio.

Pastor Donald Luckemeyer installed;
“Immanuel Image” becomes new name for the monthly church newsletter;
90th Anniversary observed November 29 with dedication services for the new parsonage and education building.

Installation of air-conditioning in the church;
Education-Parsonage building notes burned Jan. 18;
Close- circuit T.V. installed in Education Bldg.

Tennis court erected.

Pastor Luckemeyer leaves to go to Karnes City;
Pastor A.H. Muehlbrad, retired pastor and member of the congregation, is named supply pastor;
$12,216 is spent for renovation of church and education building;
Constitution changed to permit earlier communion of youth;
Pastor D. Lee Muehlbrad installed August 26;
Butane gas system converted to natural gas;
Preparation for centennial celebration includes renovation and painting of the Church Sanctuary, Basement and Educational Building.

Many anniversary gifts are given including: the Chapel (with altar, carpeting and chairs),
individual chalice communion set, new office equipment, carpeting, pew cushions, tables, chairs, chain link fence, flag pole, Sanctuary lamp, and many other items;
Reorganized and established new congregational standing committees;
Cemetery Endowment fund now large enough so that expenses no longer need to be subsidized by congregation;
Water System connects with Manville Water District;
Congregation Centennial Pictorial Directory published;
Congregation receives estate of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Schoen;
Centennial Celebration on May 26:  morning/afternoon services and dedication of historical marker;
Pastor takes youth to Confirmation Camp on annual basis.

Elder program begun, whereby Elders assist the pastors in worship service;
Disposition of Schoen real estate;
Congregation participates in United Mission Appeal;
Congregation’s largest Confirmation Class confirmed – 37.

Supplement to 1974 Pictorial Directory made;
Congregation celebrates National Bicentennial year on July 24 with “Old Timer” Worship Service;
New brick maintenance building completed;
Worship and Music Committee formed;
J.C. and Company Youth Choir officially begun;
Education Building and Parsonage roofs replaced;
Pastor Wilson Hill hired as Visitation Pastor.

Congregation now entitled to send two lay delegates to the District convention;
Receive deed of home of Regina Arend;
Begin having two morning Worship Services on Communion Sunday.

Purchased and began using the “Lutheran Book of Worship”;
Worship Ushering System established (sole responsibility of council in the past);
Assist in establishing mission congregation in Round Rock;
Restore the original reed organ (1872?);
Major repair on pipe organ;
Build new & repair old streets on church property;
Congregation participates in the Challenge of the Generations Financial Campaign;
Sacristy remodeled with new cabinets and running water;
Pre-Theological fund established.

Donation of two lots of land at lake Travis by Mrs. Elsie Doerpinghaus;
Architectural Committee formed;
“Think Tank” Committee formed to explore needs of additional pastoral help and recommends a 2nd pastor;
Brotherhood District Convention held here.

Pastor Stephen M. Schur called as second pastorPastor D. Lee Muehlbrad issued new Call as Senior Pastor;
Master Plan Steering Committee replaces Architectural Committee;
Vietnamese refugee Phen Tran family sponsored;
Pastor D. Lee Muehlbrad honored at 25th Anniversary of Ordination;
Pastor Schur installed August 17;
Pictorial Directory published;
Bell Choir formed after gift of bells;
Pastor Hill retires from being Visitation Pastor.

Decide to build multi-purpose building and renovate Education Building after $100,000 is raised;
Stone cross on church tower destroyed by storm Carillon System installed;
40th Anniversary of Brotherhood celebrated;
Begin two services every Sunday.

Land site for new building done by volunteer work;
Immanuel’s “Noah’s Ark” float wins first place in several parades;
60th Anniversary Ordination of Pastor A.H. Muehlbrad.

Volunteer workers complete new building;
Multi-purpose building dedicated October 23 – Parish Hall;
Closed-circuit television in Chapel is in color;
Congregation computer purchased;
Two members in seminary.

Pastor Wilson Hill honored at 50th Anniversary of Ordination;
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bohls give 3 acres adjoining the North and South side of church property;
3 lay delegates go to Southern District Convention;
Long Range Committee studies Day Care Center
Pastor Casey Zesch installed.

First Christmas Luminary;
American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church in America and American Evangelical Church merges to become Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA);
ALCW becomes WELCA (Women of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America);
Day School Program started.

Pastor Ray Kraemer installed.

Tired and Retired Group started.

Restoration of Sanctuary and Basement;
Men’s Breakfast group started;
Constitution revised.

Elevator installed;
SEARCH began;
Ordination of Lucinda Rueter Zesch

Pastor Don Just serves as Interim Pastor;
Pastor Wilson Hill dies and is buried in church cemetery.

Pastor Scott Postlewait installed;
New Nursery completed.

Children’s Choir started.

Pastor Tom Kesselring ordained and installed.

Restoration/Upgrade of pipe organ at cost of $97,000;
Organ dedication;
125th Anniversary celebration begins with Veteran’s Day observance.

125th Anniversary of Immanuel celebrated on May 30.

Pastor Ray Kraemer says “good-bye”;
Pastor Warren Rinehart called as Interim Pastor;
New building committee begins work on plans for gymnasium, classrooms and renovations to existing education building;
May 20 – Storm broke stained glass window in Chancel area of sanctuary;
Stained glass window repair and restoration project begins.

Pastor Keith Born installed as Senior Pastor;
Kara Clark hired as Youth Director;
Construction of gymnasium, classrooms and renovations is approved.

Constitution revised;
Gymnasium and classrooms completed;
Day school moves into new building;
New sound system installed in sanctuary;
Ordination of Matthew Kuempel.

Dedication of gymnasium and classrooms;
Renovations began and were completed on existing Educational Building;
Ordination of Sid Bohls;
Food Pantry started;
Enhanced worship schedule started with contemporary middle service and free-standing Sunday School hour;
Contemporary band “Sotaria” was formed;
First polka worship service in conjunction with Oktoberfest celebration.

Celebrated 130th Anniversary;
“Save our Sanctuary” project to repair roof and seal brick on Sanctuary was started and completed;
Completed Stain Glass window project with protective glass;
Cedar branches with white lights replaced the milk jugs used to line the driveway for the Christmas Luminary.

Pastor D. Lee Muehlbrad died;
Gretchen Rye named Day School Director;
Day School celebrated 20th Anniversary;
Initiated communion at every service every Sunday;
Construction of Prayer Garden started;
20th Anniversary of the Christmas Luminary;
Youth Ministry Internship Program began.

Kristi Piskorz hired as Director of Educational Ministries;
Dedication of Church Park and Prayer Garden;
New Ramp and entrance to Sanctuary built in the South West corner of the Sanctuary.

Food Pantry relocated and opened January 3rd in the “Yellow Brick” House;
New Street Side Sign built;
“New” Evangelical Lutheran Worship Hymnals Purchased;
New piano purchased for Sanctuary Choir Loft;
Pastor Kesselring 10th year of service Anniversary.

Adult Leadership Policy Passed and Initiated;
Kathy Smith hired as Director of Day School Ministry;
Kara Clark begins AIM Program at Luther Seminary;
Renovation of Sanctuary Entrance Begun.

Renovation of Sanctuary Entrance completed;
Renovation of Outside Basketball court to include Lights and New Basketball Standards;
Pastor Born’s 15th Anniversary of Ordination.

Parking Lot Renovation;
Parish Hall Classroom Renovation including flooring, carpet, and paint;
Parish Hall Restroom renovation project started.

Pastor Keith Born resigns in Jan;
Pastor Tom Kesselring installed as Senior Pastor.

Pastor Rosy Rivera ordained July 28 and installed as Associate Pastor Aug 4;
Susan Cox hired as Director of Educational Ministries;
New logo developed by David Singer is unveiled in conjunction with mission statement “Gather, Grow & Serve”;
Luminary is cancelled due to severe weather for the 1st time in 26 years;
Technology Committee is formed to update the website and remains intact to address the ever increasing tech-related issues.

“Backpack Ministry” program with Pflugerville ISD begins, providing food for the weekend to students at Wieland Elem School;
Celebrated 140th Anniversary;
Katie Wegner, Youth Director, begins seminary at Luther Seminary;
Beverly Woolf honored for 25 years of service.

Claudia Cardwell is named Day School Director.

Pastor Rosy Rivera resigns in May to accept a call at First Lutheran Church in Lorain, Ohio.

Melissa Sjolander is hired in July as the Office & Facilities Administrator.
Katie Wegner becomes a Vicar and resigns in August to begin an internship at Hutto Lutheran Church;
Susan Cox resigns in September and Melissa Parry is hired as Director of Education Ministry.

In May/June, there are multiple retirements:

  • Ralph Kirkley from his long-term volunteer position as Facilities Coordinator.
  • Sherri Hoefling after 12 years as Church Office Secretary.
  • Diane Moellenberg after 15 years with the Day School.
  • Renee Kesselring  after 22 years as the Choir Director.
  • Pastor Tom Kesselring after 22 years with ILC.

Pastor Candice Combs begins transitional ministry in September.
Melissa Sjolander resigns in December to move back to Minnesota.

In February, members perform two shows of “Sweet Little Jesus Boy“.
In March, the COVID-19 pandemic forces the suspension of in-person worship. Worship services are managed through Zoom meetings and live-streamed to YouTube for the rest of the year.
Sherry Markert is hired as Business Administrator in April.
Frieda Mottonen is hired as Youth Director in July.
In August, Claudia Cardwell resigns as Day School Director and Krissy O’Brien is hired to replace her.
In September, Pastor Candice Combs resigns as Sr Pastor of Transition Ministry.
In December, the Luminary is reduced to the Manger scene for safety measures due to the ongoing pandemic.

In May, Pastor Matthew Groenke begins service. He is installed as Senior Pastor in July.
In June, the first in-person worship service is held after 15 months of online-only services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Improvements to the A/V system in the Parish Hall enable us to continue to stream worship service to YouTube for shut-in worshippers.
In October, Day School Director Krissy O’Brien unexpectedly passes away
In December:

  • upgrades to the A/V system in the Sanctuary enables streaming of worship services from there in time for Christmas;
  • the entire Luminary returns for 1 night only – it is well attended;
  • Business Administrator Sherry Markert retires.